Building Your Best


The “Best” is not the same for every project owner.  The “Best” can mean optimum functionality, lowest cost, or an architectural statement.  Sometimes it is a combination of all those factors.  The process of getting to the “Best” needs to be straight forward and trouble-free.  How can you get the “Best” results from your building project?  Where do you start? What should a project owner look for in a general contractor?  What does a general contractor look for in a project owner? What is the best approach for your project? Is my project timeline and budget realistic?  When should the project start?  What are the options that should be considered for this project?  These are common questions that project owners ask and need answer to, in order to avoid issues during the construction process.

At its core, the construction process can be problem laden.  There can be upwards of 10-30 suppliers and subcontractors all with differing views, challenges, schedules, and products.  These facts alone can offer challenges and delays, not to mention permitting, weather or a worldwide pandemic.  Another factor is market condition.  Market condition can change regularly and can affect, scheduling, material delivery and work force. The most effective plans are the plans to account for challenges that have not happened yet.  Anticipating project challenges is paramount and will be different for every project.   Tapping into experience will help avoid challenges or at the very least minimize the effects of a challenge.   Planning on the front end and defining expectations are important to a successful project.

The team at MJI Building Services wants you to “Build Your Best”!  In our series of upcoming blogs, we will keep you updated on the market condition, answer questions and give you advice to make your project fit your needs and budget.   The “Best” building projects start with good information and finish when your expectations are met.  Our goal is to provide the “Best” for your needs through a culture of Transparency, Trust and Teamwork.

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