“Is This Something That MJI Would Do?”


I am asked often “Is this something that MJI would do?”  The answer to that question is complex, but most of the time its yes, we can help you out or we can at least point you in the right direction.  As MJI has grown as a company, we have noticed that the things that were so easy, are now more difficult and the things that seemed monumental, are now easier.  When MJI started, we loved those small projects or handyman type projects, like hanging a shelf or fixing a doorknob.  We enjoyed the opportunity to help while getting to know clients.  It was great to see the appreciation of a client for simply employing our skills.  Well, that hasn’t changed!  We still want to see the best results for our clients no matter what the project size is.  This may mean that we refer you to someone in our expansive business network, that can manage the project and get the results that you want.  Either way, we want to help you achieve the goal and enjoy being part of your project!  We are best when we can offer solutions and solve the problem.


As a general contractor what do we self-perform and what type of construction project do we do?

Self-Performed Work

  • Pre-Construction Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Concrete Flatwork
  • Demolition
  • PEMB Erection
  • Structural Steel Erection
  • Specific Steel Fabrication
  • Metal and Wood Rough Carpentry
  • Finish Carpentry
Project Types

  • New Construction, Remodeling/Alteration, Additions
    • Faith Based
    • Historic
    • Hospitality
    • Medical
    • Municipal
    • Nation Brands
    • Office/Warehouse
    • Residential
    • Retail


If you are considering a construction project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!  We look forward to serving you!

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