Teamwork in Construction


Frankly, I’m tired of hearing “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”.  Yes, its catchy and it rhymes.  But, in the construction world the term “Dream” does not hold the same weight as a “Solution”.  Dreams seem to connotate a childhood thought or a wish that is mostly impossible.  Such being the new Superman when he retires.  This is why, I want to change the saying to “Teamwork Makes Solutions Reality”.  I realize that it is not as catchy or rhymes and probably won’t end up on one of inspiration posters that hung in every office in the early 2000’s.  Although, I want Teamwork to be something that in the forefront of every construction project that MJI does.  Teamwork is not just within our organization, Teamwork reaches outside the bounds of our organization to our suppliers, and subcontractors all the way to our customer.  When a supplier or subcontractor is selected for a job, they actually sign a contract saying that they agree to join the team for the duration of the project to create a successful project.  The same is true with our customer.  We sign a contract with our customers saying that we and our team, which includes suppliers and subcontractors, will team up with everyone involved to create a successful project that will create the solution needed for success.  This means that everyone involved is focused on the end goal and supports the process and each other to reach that goal.



Before you can have Teamwork, you need to create a solid synergy with everyone involved.  As with any relationship, we always start with Transparency which then leads to Trust and results in Teamwork.  Teamwork creates a successful project where the solution realized.  Solutions that set up our clients for success.



Transparency, Trust and Teamwork are the three “T’s” that create Solutions for our Customers!

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