Trust in General Contracting


Trust me when I say that I have trust issues.  Typically, I can tell if someone is trustworthy after the first few minutes of a conversation.  Those first few minutes of interaction are very telling.  Does this person get to the point, stay focused, ask questions, and accept feedback or are they dominating the conversation by selling their personal attributes, like an over excited golden retriever trying to make you pet them? The trust and confidence you see in someone is often based on the trust and confidence they have in themselves and how they portray it.  Overselling and dominating the accolades contest can often leave you questioning their intent and leaves you with an uneasy feeling.  Often when someone feels the need to sing their own praises about how trustworthy they are, it sends an untrustworthy message.  You will not earn someone’s trust by simply saying that you are trustworthy.  Trust is something that is earned by listening, giving insightful feedback, followed up by responsible actions.


Listen Up

Listening to our customers’ needs and wants is critical at the very beginning and throughout each construction project.

  • First, we establish the list of needs which is critical to the result of the project.
  • Second, we will make a list of the wants that would be nice to have but not critical.

Listening intently to our customers’ needs and wants at the start of the construction process creates a trusting environment.  Once those lists are established, we provide feedback on costs and feasibility.



Providing honest and knowledgeable feedback is critical to leading our customers down a path that does not waste their time and resources.  As a general contractor, MJI Building Services has the responsibility to be sure that the path the customer is heading down with their project is feasible and will result in a successful construction project.  Good and honest feedback can and will save time and money, which creates a trusting environment.



Time for Action

Once the parameters for the project are established, it is time for action.  This is when the pricing and specifications are created and presented to the owner.  Often, adjustments are made to further customize the building project to fit the customers’ requirements. Our goal is to get the final construction budget and building specifications completed in a timely manner to maximize efficiency.  Get the project started and completed timely is a top priority at MJI Building Services.   It is true that “Actions speak louder than words”.  MJI Building Services takes pride in the fact we are agile and can “Take Action”, which creates that trusting environment.

In an earlier blog I talked about Transparency in construction and how seeing is believing.  Seeing where your resources are being used within a project and who is working on your project, gives you comfort and allows a path for trust.  Being able to trust your general contractor to make those building decisions on the construction site and knowing that your best interests are in mind, will give you peace of mind throughout the building process.  MJI Building wants to earn your trust! Call us for your next building project!

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